Candy Factory members will probably recognize Jason Mundok, or at least recognize the name behind initiatives like Wood Stove House and Lancasphere. Mundok has a new project in the works, one that is particularly interesting to those of us who use coworking spaces as a home for our consulting businesses.

This fall, Mundok and business partner Molly Connolly are set to release Elusive Moose, a content-driven online resource designed to help consultantsenjoy their work. The website will host blog posts, articles, and podcasts created by experts from all aspects of living and working as a consultant. Combined, Mundok and Connolly have over 30 years of experience as custom software consultants and business coaches.

Elusive Moose will launch with a 2-day conference called Find Your Moose in Chicago this October. Topics cover work life balance, including sessions on optimizing sales and marketing; effective time and project management; networking; managing personal and business finances, reducing stress, and aligning personal and work cultures. With over 15 sessions over the course of two days, attendees will leave armed with new skills to help them better manage, integrate, and balance their profession and personal lives.

And what’s with the name? After Connolly took three business trips to Alaska without seeing a real live moose (despite intentionally visiting spots where the locals saw them on a regular basis) she wondered why she struggled with something that seemed so easy, and never seemed to be a problem for others. For some reason, the moose eluded her.

Mundok likens the elusive moose to working as a consultant. “Most of what you do is fine,” he says. “But there are challenges that get in your way—cause you stress—and prevent you from truly enjoying what you do. The solutions to these challenges seem like they should be easy to see and implement, but they elude you like Molly’s moose! Those solutions are your ‘elusive moose’ and we’re here to help you find them.”

To learn more and register for the conference (October 28 & 29), visit You can also like Elusive Moose on Facebook,Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Article originally written by Erin Dorney.