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jelly bellies
We love our little munchkins but we also understand the struggle all parents feel trying to juggle work and childcare. Sometimes you need a place to get work done, meet with a client, network, or just take a deep breath. That is why we are excited to announce jelly bellies, a supervised play facility located at The Candy Factory coming in 2019. Get on the list and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. 


Working with parents, teachers, and designers on space design and programs, our play area will not only be fun for our kids but a place to explore creative play and grow. A flex space where kids can learn, play and be inspired.


Community is at our core! With scheduled events, workshops and social gatherings we provide opportunities to connect with other professionals while also providing fun activies for our families.


Our Mission

Provide a fun safe place for kids to enjoy while their parents get work done, socialize or take a break.  Our goal is to educate and inspire our members and their families while providing a creative enviroment for growth.


Coming Soon!



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