Fun Facts:
I can play the violin (and also own a mandolin, clarinet, and keyboard).

My family has lived in Lancaster county going back approximately four generations.

Jelly Bellies
At Jelly Bellies, we provide a fun safe place for kids to enjoy while their parents get work done, socialize or take a break. Members can work from Jelly Bellies with their kiddos or book two hours of supervised care with Amanda. Click here to learn more about this great resource.

Amanda Hodgen

Jelly Bellies Facilitator of Fun


Tell us a bit about yourself:
I was born and raised in Lancaster and recently moved back after spending several years in Montana and Seattle. While my last job was as a QA engineer with a software company, I’m so excited to be getting back to what I’m truly passionate about – providing fun, nurturing, creative, and educational experiences for kids.
I’m looking forward to meeting all the TCF kiddos and planning fun activities for the Jelly Bellies program. When I’m not working, I’m usually reading a book, tending to my plants, or hanging out with my cat (Erma) and dog (Sadie)

What project or activity are you most excited to bring into the space?
I would love to do some mural painting! I’m excited to bring in some color and whimsy to the space and brighten up our chalkboard wall.

Growing up did you have a favorite toy or game you liked to play?Honestly, I was usually the kid in the reading corner lost in my own world. Other than that, I liked playing make believe school or setting up a store with my toy cash register. Basically I was usually pretending to be an adult.

If you could choose any cartoon character old or new to be your companion for 24 hours who would you pick and why?
I would like to hang out with Tina Belcher (from Bob’s Burgers) for a day. We could talk about horses and boys, and since I was also an awkward 13 year old, maybe I could give her some sisterly advice.

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