We are ONE community, and we need to start acting as such.

Friends, we now find ourselves in a very precarious situation.  All studies show that we will be dealing with this pandemic for years, even with a vaccine. Over the last several months, I have been studying the virus and how it spreads, I’ve been learning how we can still do business and be responsible. It all comes down to caring for each other and focusing on the community. This pandemic has shaken me to the core, but my Candy Factory family has given me faith in humanity and has proven that we can still support small businesses, be safe, and not have to shut down. Here’s how.

Follow the protocol. Wear a Mask, Distance, Wash Hands, and when socializing, you should gather in small groups, outside and masked!

If you’re privileged enough to work from home, still collect a paycheck, and have health insurance, please check your social shaming of the rest of society on social media. That messaging does not help. It sounds elitist, tends to be polarizing and show a lack of understanding that we all have unique experiences and challenges. The same goes for the anti-maskers and to those who think this virus is a hoax. Meeting people where they are and having empathy is better than continually posting in your echo chamber. We need to have conversations but speak to each other vs. at each other.

The fact is, we are all in this together, and we should act as such. Like it or not, we are ONE community, and our actions impact each other. We have seen for months the postings of social gatherings of all sizes without masks and distancing. We’ve experienced that person who refuses to wear a mask into a business that is just trying to survive. It’s incredibly sad to see, and we’re all feeling the consequences.

The virus attacking us goes beyond COVID-19, and we all know it. We must realign and meet each other in the middle if we are going to save lives and small businesses.

Many of us HAVE BEEN following the CDC protocol, keeping our network small, masking up, distancing, and we have been able to make it work. But due to others’ division and irresponsibility, our numbers are rising, increasing our risk, health, and the small business community. Your actions or lack thereof impacts those around you, and we each have a role to play. I ask that you reflect on your position and make adjustments if needed. We all need to.

The reality is, we’ll be feeling the effects of this virus for years to come, and we will most likely need to practice the BIG three for some time.

With that, we need to get back to the understanding we are ONE community. We need to respect each other, and we need to follow the protocol, or we ALL get sick and not just from COVID. If we don’t learn how to do this, it will decimate our small businesses that are not at fault, and it will be at the hands of those refusing to do the right thing and those too high on their pedestal to recognize their privilege.

So please take a deep breath, mask up, remember that your actions impact others. Our lives and our businesses are all at stake, we have a ways to go, and we must do it together.

Oh and please BUY LOCAL, order takeout, and support your small businesses anyway you can. Loans are running out, and our greater community will see the impact soon. Imagine our community without your favorite business, without The Candy Factory. It does matter.

Thank you. 


The Candy Factory—a coworking space established in 2010—is located in the heart of downtown Lancaster, PA.

What Do We Do?
Coworking and shared professional workspaces help promote business growth, creative thinking, shared brilliance, and collaboration through an affordable office solution. The open space concept we provide offers many advantages, from networking and collaboration opportunities, to easily accessible and shared resources. Both locations are perfect for small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, nonprofits, and other community members/groups from various professional backgrounds.

Our Mission
Our mission is to foster our community and help spur the growth of small businesses in and around Lancaster City by offering the resources and support needed to encourage that growth.

We think outside of the traditional office space:
We Share, We Gather, We Imagine, We Create, We Thrive, We COWORK!

“While I loved having the extra time spent with my dog at home during the stay-at-home order, I’m glad to be back at The Candy Factory! Even at a distance, it’s great to be around the energy of others. It helps me get motivated and stay productive throughout the day.”

Jason M


“It’s wonderful to have a space to safely commune with other hard working people. While it was great to remain connected via Zoom and Slack during the initial shutdown phase of the COVID-19 response, there’s nothing quite like seeing your fellow co-workers, even if they’re 6 feet away and largely hidden behind a mask.”

Robert Diggs

“The overwhelming sense of community here has made navigating the “new normal” much more bearable. Not only are we as team striving to do what we can to keep the space clean and safe, but members have also been great supporters of our efforts and that has made all the difference!.”

Arianna Henderson

Community Facilitator , The Candy Factory