As we look at the future of work, it’s interesting to see how companies are responding. Here is a statement from Siemens on their new mobile work policy. The key is letting teams work mobile two or three days a week, and they actually mention coworking in their statement.

Forward-thinking is essential when looking to keep talent and offering access to coworking spaces like The Candy Factory as an option for employees is very smart and gives true flexibility. We have many members who are remote workers and whose companies pay for their membership. It’s a benefit, gives employees an alternative to their home office which might not be an ideal workspace, and also allows them to tap a new network of professionals. It’s just good business, and we’re excited to see more companies embracing this new flexible model.

“Here, mobile working explicitly means more than just working from home. Instead, employees – in consultation with their supervisors – are to choose the work locations where they’re most productive. As a result, the hybrid working model specifically includes working environments such as coworking spaces. Work in person at the office is to supplement mobile working as appropriate.”