This past Saturday a small number of families gathered in the Candy Factory parking lot for some much-needed fun. The idea of any kind of social gathering at this moment in history can feel like an overwhelmingly daunting task for many. I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! All it takes is a few adjustments and some creative planning and you too can host an afternoon of responsible recreation.

Location, Location, Location                                                  The first thing to think about when planning your gathering is where it will take place. We were lucky to have the weather on our side and be able to host our event outdoors. That made maintaining social distancing much easier. If you do not have access to an outdoor space, consider bringing some blankets and heading to a local park.

Guest List                                                                                     Unfortunately the more the merrier can’t apply at the moment. We capped our event at 20 and had slightly less than that participate. We were able to set up tables for each family at a safe distance from one another. of tape

Snacks                                                                                           This is a great opportunity to get creative. We put out bottles of water, individual bags of chips, and placed cookies into their own paper snack bags.  I would highly recommend picking up some of the latter. Not only are they an eco-conscious alternative to the usual plastic packaging, but they are super versatile and convenient. Consider putting servings of smaller loose snacks into cupcake tin liners, or wrapping pre-made sandwiches in deli paper. You can even get fancy by wrapping goodies in cellophane and garnishing with curled ribbon.

Fun Suggestions:      

  • Host a tie-dye party of your own. Tie-dying outdoors is a match made in heaven as it makes clean up that much easier. 
  • A picnic celebration. Have your guests bring their own blankets and spread them out at a distance. You can even ask them to bring their own basket lunch, or consider using the tips above to avoid communal serving platters.
  • Painting/ Craft party. Put together craft packs with all the materials needed and make a group craft summer camp style.  

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