Dear Members, and our Lancaster Community,

We have been thinking of our coworking and Lancaster community continually over the last several weeks, and we hope you are well. We know this health crisis has been hard on everyone. It brings about change which is hard, but we also believe that it brings opportunities. We know that many of us have lost work and income, all while trying to take care of and protect those we hold dear. We understand your hurt, your pain, and your sacrifice. We hear you and are here for you.

The Candy Factory team has been comforted by your comments of encouragement and support, and we have been working hard behind the scenes to reimagine our coworking community and space. We are looking into the many ways we can move forward, while also providing a safe and comfortable indoor/outdoor social and working environment.

Thanks to PPP, we were able to bring the team back together (virtually) last week, and we are busy mapping out our next steps.

But with the current misalignment between State and County, there have rightfully been a lot of questions. We are also trying to figure out how The Candy Factory plays a role. When do we open, how do we open? These are all critical questions. We do however believe we need a robust plan in place so that you, our team, our members, our supporters, and our Lancaster family are protected.

With all that said, we will not be opening on May 15th, but we will continue working on creating the best coworking community and experience.

We will be tracking data, getting your feedback, and making sure whatever steps we take will be in the best interest of our community. We will reopen when the time is right, and with a phased strategic plan in place.

What will coworking look like moving forward?

More details are coming soon, but we are putting plans in place to grow our virtual community. We will continue to meet virtually with members twice a day, and we will continue to produce meaningful content, offer support, and be here for Lancaster.

These are not easy decisions. At times we have questioned if we and the local small businesses we love will make it through the storm. This process has been challenging, exhausting, and, at times, frustrating. But despite that, we have been inspired, encouraged, and loved, and we know with your support, we can conquer this crisis together.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these next steps with you. The next several months will be challenging, but please know we are here for you as you are here for us.

Coworking is about being part of a community bigger than one’s self, and we stand by our mission. So we will continue to gather, imagine, create, thrive, and cowork virtually for now, and will meet you again in a physical space when the time is right.

Thank you for your support, and we send you all our love.

~ The Candy Factory Team