Here at The Candy Factory, community, collaboration and creative thinking play such an important part of our everyday experience. These key elements are not new to coworking and to The Candy Factory. Before coworking in Lancaster we had The Creative House of Lancaster and other groups like it popping up all over town. These groups gave us access to one of the most important resources, other people! It provided an environment where people could be themselves, be creative and connect.  The Candy Factory grew out of these groups, out of this kind of thinking.

On this TBT, I look back at how this all began and the community that was created back in 2007. How the Creative House of Lancaster helped form the community we have today. The mission we had back in 2007 still stays true after so many years. Thank you to everyone who have played a roll in our growth, who have taken part in our events, who were willing to think outside the box, get to know strangers and build a community. I owe you all a drink! 🙂

A little TBT for you all | The CHL Mission

The Creative House of Lancaster you ask… We are a creative social network group that reaches far beyond the limitations of a typical “network group.” We believe that networking should be free and that building strong relationships is the key to success!

We believe in taking creative and innovative leaps that redefine the local business community by harvesting local talent, promoting collaboration, fair-trade, teamwork, networking, mentoring, social communication, and nurturing a sense of community.

Images from past CHL events – 2007-2009