If you’ve worked out of a coworking space, you understand that it is not just your everyday office experience. Coworking is a unique experience in and of itself. The premise of coworking is to have people from all professional backgrounds working under one roof, creating unique opportunities and experiences. After years of ongoing development of our unique space, we have discovered some key benefits as to why more of you should take advantage of the amazing perks from coworking. 

Grow your business

In any coworking space, you have access to a plethora of professionals in a variety of fields. Having access to countless other members allows your business to be exposed to a network of people that could potentially be in need of your services. With designers, lawyers, photographers, CPAs, and many other industries being present in our space, your professional reach of virtually endless.

Gain access to a professional network

In addition to potentially extending your business ventures, you are also able to expand your professional network. Our space offers a unique and wonderful community of members who may help build your contact list for future opportunities and who knows, maybe you might even make a few long-term friends!

Focus on your business and thrive

Unlike working out of a cafe or at home, a coworking space is an innovative central hub targeted towards creative individuals and their professional endeavors. Through coworking, you can discover resources and the key elements you need to grow your business. With the endless expertise of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs in the space, you can gain crucial insight on tools to make your business run more efficiently. Not only are the members a huge tool for networking and potential business growth but the access that members have to the Ben Franklin Technology Partners TechCelerator is an exciting resource for anyone in the startup world. 

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are always on the horizon at a coworking space. By attending fun member events and workshops, you won’t just have a place to call your “office” but you will have a fun place to let loose with our creatives in the space. Yes, we work hard but we also like to have a killer good time!

We hope to see some more new faces at our thriving coworking community and encourage anyone to schedule a tour to take a look at our space!