“Jason and I have been friends for over twelve years now and we’ve both always been interested in the entertainment industry,” started Evan Mellott.

Over the years, the duo have played together in local bands, filmed sketch comedies, shot a television pilot, wrote a few screenplays and even tried to write a book. Evan admits that while these projects never gained them any notoriety, one thing can be for certain: it gave them a name.

Meet Somewhat Legendary.

A podcast, Somewhat Legendary features area businesses, bands, projects, artists and venues. “The podcast’s main focus is entertainment,” continued Evan. “We want to create episodes that anyone can listen to and enjoy.”

The two have featured ghost hunters, comedians, heavy metal bands, hip hop artists, business owners and promoters.

“The response from the community has been overwhelming,” started Evan. “We had no idea it would become so big — so many positive messages, texts and emails.”

Both Evan and Jason are excited about the future of Somewhat Legendary. “Worst case scenario,” finished Evan. “We created an interesting, unique and humorous podcast, had a lot of fun and made some new friends along the way.”

Evan and Jason invite you to listen on iTunes, PodBean, Stitcher, PlayerFM, SoundCloud and Youtube. Connect with Somewhat Legendary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check out Evan and Jason on Twitter.