Good news for aspiring authors! People are still reading books!

In this week’s episode of So You Want to Write a Book, we’ll dig into the reading habits of the 5 living generations—from The Silent Generation to Gen Z. Which generation reads the most? What’s the favorite genre of Gen Xers? Who prefers print books and who prefers E-readers?

The data may surprise you. We’ll talk about why the data matters to aspiring authors. You’ll leave with tips about how you can use this information to shape and market your book.

This mini-show is for aspiring authors and readers, and for everyone who cares about books. 

My goal is to break down the complex process of becoming an author so that you can finally write the book that’s been nagging or tugging at your heart. Even if you never plan to write a book, I’ll share tips that will help you become a more informed reader or a more effective writer in your work life. 

So take out your pen and notebook (okay, your phone or laptop!) and let’s get started!

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