Every once in a while, our team needs a change of environment. When you become a member of The Candy Factory, you automatically have access to other participating coworking spaces across the United States using the visa program—which is exclusive to coworking. We had already been to the old location of Indy Hall in the past, and we were bursting at the seams to explore their newest space on Market Street. Located on the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn building, the open space was mesmerizing.

Complete with a rack of comics, packed with members at their desks, a hammock, and plenty of coffee making methods, Indy Hall is killin’ it at the coworking game. Thank you so much to Sam for showing us around. And hi, Alex! Sorry we missed you!

An overview of Indy Hall. Check out that ceiling! 

Just a rack of really awesome comic books right next to the hammock. NBD.

We loved this artwork and the shadows it cast on the backing.

Tyler Naples joined us at Cheu Noodle Bar for lunch. 

Just an example of the amazing food we experienced at Cheu Noodle Bar.