All of the following photos were provided by Connect Coworking in Tucson, Arizona.

Hi! I’m Emily Truman. I’m the Community Facilitator here at The Candy Factory and also a copy editor and writer for The Sweet Core team. I fell in love with coworking a little over a year ago when my previous boss secured a desk for me here at The Candy Factory. From there, I flourished. Coworking is hard to explain, but is such an easy and ingenious concept that I’m not sure why I didn’t join this beautiful movement years prior. I just know it was love at first sight, and here I am working for the coworking space I fell in love with!

Since becoming employed here, I have taken a great interest in other coworking spots around the country. One of our members, Justin Chlan, visited Spark in Baltimore and wrote about it. Before¬†my travels to visit my brother, his wife, and their son in Tucson, Arizona, I researched coworking spots in their area. That’s when I found Connect Coworking in downtown Tucson. I contacted Dani and Caitlin from Connect and asked to tour the space!


I was warmly greeted at the reception desk with rows of beautiful vintage typewriters staring back at me.

A beautiful stairway leading to the upstairs look familiar to me: they play a fun game with their members called Sock it Tuesday on instagram, where they feature a closeup of someone’s funky socks on this very stairwell.


On the way to Connect’s flex space, they feature two large metal pieces mounted to the wall. One of them is used as a platform to show polaroids of each member and what they do. The other is used as a monthly calendar. Many of the events are repeated monthly events, and others are specific to that month. This keeps their members connected with what’s going on. They also have bikes that members can rent (!!!).


This is the flex space that drop-ins and lighter members can use Monday through Friday. Check out those nice leather rolling office chairs! The wall is plastered with bits of history.


As Caitlin took us upstairs, she showed us the open area desk spaces for full-timers. Connect Coworking provides each full-time member with a desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet. The rest is up to them!

They also have glass-encased, closed office spaces. You can have a desk for one, two, or more people in your company! This was an awesome feature to their space.


These little spaces were super cool. There were a lot of break-out spaces where members could float to for new scenery, a break, and even a nap! Yes, there was a private, darkened room with a huge bean bag chair for nap-taking.





True community is present at Connect Coworking in Tucson. There are so many enjoyable elements of coworking that Connect truly draws from. Thank you so much to Dani for organizing my tour, and to Caitlin for showing me the space!

Connect Coworking
33 South Fifth Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 333-5754