This June, we are honoring Pride and highlighting our LGBTQ+ members! Meet Steph!

“Steph Frysinger is a realtor on the Andy Esbenshade Team with Berkshire Hathaway. She finds immense fulfillment in her work as a realtor as it allows her to meet and interact with new individuals within the community and assist clients in purchasing and selling historic architectural gems in Lancaster City and beyond.”

Q: What are some of your most cherished moments or memories from past Pride celebrations? Is there a particular Pride event or experience that stands out to you?

A: Last year I took my kiddos to the Lancaster Pride Festival at Clipper Magazine Stadium. It was a beautiful afternoon focusing on fun, love, inclusion, and being free to be who we are.”

Q: In your opinion, what is the most significant progress or positive change that the LGBTQ+ community has achieved in recent years? How does it inspire you personally?

A: The ability to marry who you love was the most memorable change for me to this point from back in 2014 in PA. It showed me that change is possible.”

Q: Can you share a heartwarming or funny anecdote related to your LGBTQ+ journey or experiences? Something that brings a smile to your face when you think about it during Pride Month.

A:I always have to smile when I think back on the moment I told my Dad I was more than just friends with my then partner (2012). I went out to my car on my lunch break from work and was completely nervous to have the talk. I was sweating bullets and my heart was racing. I told him and without hesitation he said “Yeah, I figured that”, and moved immediately onto the next topic of conversation. Ha. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.”

Q: How has the Lancaster and/or TCF community impacted your LGBTQ+ journey? Any tips for connecting with others locally?

A:“Lancaster city has felt like the most inclusive community I’ve been a part of. TCF community seems to mirror that inclusivity and that environment where you feel completely free to be your full authentic self without judgement.”