Nick Gould has over twenty years’ photographic experience working to

create distinctive visual images, and building strong relationships with his

clients. He believes in photography as a collaboration of ideas and

teamwork. In so doing he has established a committed following and an

increasing demand for Nick Gould Photography, not only in Pennsylvania,

but also in the New York metro area.

Nick has always had a passion for the camera: from childhood carrying with

him a scrapbook of collected photographs. After graduating from Boston

University he has worked in film and television in New York.

In 2002 Nick married Lanie Bash, and moved to Lancaster, PA to raise their

children, Lily, 12, and William, 9. Since his first commission in 1994, Nick’s

focus shifted to professional event and commercial photography, in

addition to portraiture, architecture and products. He also photographs

artwork for various artists.

In Lancaster County Magazine, Nick was voted No. 1 Photographer in the

“Best of Lancaster” and has received various other awards. For many years

he has worked with Lancaster General Health, Franklin & Marshall College,

Lebanon Valley College and Armstrong World Industries.

Nick’s photography is notable in the meticulous steps he takes to make

each project perfect, making the process easy, comfortable and seamless

for his subjects, bringing to light who they truly are.

The Nick Gould Photography studio is located on the corner of West

Chestnut & Prince Street in downtown Lancaster and he’s excited to be a

part of the coworking space at The Candy Factory. You can view his work at


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