My whole life I have had a sense of call that related to vocation. Translated into 21st Century terms, I am someone who has been blessed to “work” in “jobs” that were calls–whether camp counselor, teacher, director of youth ministry at a seminary, or pastor. Recently, I have left the role of traditional parish pastor. Currently, I walk walk with people through life’s transitions and rites of passage. As more and more people shy away from institutional houses of worship and religion, I discovered that many people don’t know where to turn to help them walk through life’s transitions, whether birth, marriage, or death. I seek to be a place and person to talk and walk with through these moments. I do this through relationship and stepfamily coaching, premarital coaching, and officiating ceremonies–especially weddings.
As a 2009 graduate of Lancaster Theological Seminary and an ordained pastor through the United Church of Christ, I do bring a Christian perspective to these moments. By that I mean that I believe that a High Power, I call God, is intricately and intimately part of the human struggle and story. Whether walking with a couple, a family or a faith community, I hope to help people honor that we are body, mind, and spirit.
When I am not walking with couples, families or faith communities, I enjoy spending time with my own (blended) family. I am a step-mom and appreciate all the joys and challenges that role entails. In addition, I love starting house projects, reading and writing, taking walks, spending time in the garden, and indulging too many hours of Netflix.
What does Coworking mean to you?
Coworking first and foremost means that we humans work better in community than we do alone. Even if we are working on different end goals, projects, or jobs, there is an energy that comes from being around others. Coworking at it’s best means that my work and who I am is inextricably tied up with others and our success depends upon recognizing that–that we need each other–whether to get advice on a tough issue, to connect and network with other, or simply to laugh.