Fun Fact: I love my two “Labra-pointer-doodles” (aka mutts). Jax is my 150lb cuddle buddy and Josie is half his size and twice as active. Lots of love and dog hair.

Moe Boyer

Heart Chakra Design – Creativity Guru


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I help Yogi Entrepreneurs show up for their students through AUTHENTIC BRAND and WEB DESIGN. Beautifying the world one sarcastic comment at a time. I’m a Yogi, Mom, Wife, and Graphic Designer.

What drew you to The Candy  Factory?

I was first drawn to The Candy Factory for events and the awesome people the space attracted. But ultimately Covid, and my family’s 24/7 love and admiration of my time, lead me to utilize the space on a regular basis.

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The Candy Factory is a coworking space established in 2010 and located in the heart of Downtown Lancaster PA. We are a community of professionals who have found a new way to work. Coworking and shared workspaces help promote business growth, creative thinking, shared brilliance and collaboration while offering an affordable office solution for small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and non-profits. 

Member Highlight – Robert Diggs

Member Highlight – Robert Diggs

"What a find CF has been! From the community that's here, the reach of the coworking visa (I've used it around the country and in Europe), and getting a chance to co-host a podcast, CF has really become a second home for me. " Robert Diggs RSA US - Community and...

New Member Spotlight – Angie Shertzer

New Member Spotlight – Angie Shertzer

 Fun Fact: Together with my husband, we are DIY renovating our 150-year-old cottage one room at a time, which means I sometimes have paint splotches in my hair and know way too much about old walls and septic systems. Angie Shertzer Angie Shertzer Learning Design...

Member Highlight – Jennifer Diaz

Member Highlight – Jennifer Diaz

"I am so happy to be part of the Candy Factory community! Whether I am in need of a quiet space to write or the creative energy of being around other people, I can always find the perfect place to work. The community is incredibly supportive and there are so many ways...