Having earned a name for himself in both residential & investment sales, Luis has become a Realtor of choice for those seeking the right professional. Luis understands the Lancaster County market and that resonates with our community. With over eleven years experience in the real estate industry, Luis Ortega has built a solid reputation as an established Realtor and Investor himself. Being passionate, savvy and creative has allowed him to service all clients with unparalleled success.


What does Coworking mean to you?

Coworking means opportunity.  I enjoy the ability to run your business from a location where there are other like minded professionals who offer services that might just be in the area that compliments what direction you are moving in at the time.   If you’ve ever looked at creativity as a product of your environment than you would realize how crucial it is to be inspired.  There are days when I walk into a place like the Candy Factory and bump into someone who sparks conversation; in turn, an idea is proposed that I didn’t even consider.  So many individuals can offer a vision or direction that you never thought would be crucial to your business.  Coworking means sharing ideas, offering perspective and collaboration.  I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals who understand the importance of community and the need to put others needs before your own.  If you offer value, service and positivity; that is exactly what will manifest in your life.