Fun Fact: I once met news anchor Ted Koppel at a ski resort when I was 12

Karlo Gesner

Karlo Gesner Photography – Owner / Principle Photographer


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’ve been capturing images professionally for over 10 years. I fell in love with the camera post-college (Virginia Tech) while photographing several of my passions including adventure sports and music. I reside in Conestoga w/ my wife, daughter, dog, cat, and 2 goats. Some of my clients (current & former) include: Clair Global, Armstrong World Industries, & Atomic.

What drew you to The Candy  Factory?

I love being downtown! I love bumping into people I know, making new connections, and just being in the city. The Candy Factory has everything I need: community, blazing fast Wifi, and copious amounts of coffee. It’s a great place to meet clients and potential clients as well.

Are you new to Coworking?

No, I’ve been daypassing for years now, finally took the plunge!

Join our coworking community!

The Candy Factory is a coworking space established in 2010 and located in the heart of Downtown Lancaster PA. We are a community of professionals who have found a new way to work. Coworking and shared workspaces help promote business growth, creative thinking, shared brilliance and collaboration while offering an affordable office solution for small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and non-profits. 

Member Spotlight – Lori Johnson

Member Spotlight – Lori Johnson

"The Candy Factory not only gets me out of the house, but I love my coworkers. It's a great way to collaborate with like-minded people, socialize and have access to creative ideas to help you be successful in your business. A win win in my book!"Lori Johnson Ladies...

Member Highlight – Kyle  Beltle

Member Highlight – Kyle Beltle

"I love the wide variety of people I meet here that I'd probably never meet if I wasn't working here."Kyle Beltle Kauffman CPA - Outsourced CFO  ________________ At Kauffman CPA we specialize in providing small business owners with the financial information &...

Member Spotlight – Dana Robertson

Member Spotlight – Dana Robertson

"I've been co-working for over three years here and can't say enough amazing things about the community that I found here. I'm just so thankful for each person here and take so much joy in coming here. I know that being here has added to my own success as I grow my...