Born in Colorado, Raised in Pennsylvania and educated in Florida; Jason has always been intrigued by being a part of something new and exciting.  Professional collaborations, analytics and business development formed his early career as a Business Analyst.  Working with a small partnership in Lebanon, Jason specialized in investor relations and competitive advantages.  After 3 years of working as a Business Analyst, Jason evolved his career into Intellectual Property and Patent Management working with companies such as GeoTag, GEA Westfalia Surge and M2 Systems; Jason helped his clients obtain international exposure and ultimate sales of patents.  Although Intellectual Property and Patent Management were fulfilling, Jason felt restless.  His restlessness lead him to start an Asset Management Company focused on Risk Mitigation working with national institutions such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase.

However, once again, restlessness set in.  Jason felt his talents would be best utilized by helping individuals within his community lead more fulfilling lives.  Opportunity came knocking 2 years ago when he was approached by MassMutual to become a Financial Advisor and assist with their local agency’s Financial Education Program.

In short order, Jason started partnerships and began teaching in 6 school districts, 5 library systems and community / senior centers throughout 5 counties.  Jason has also helped to start Lebanon County’s first Community Education Program.

Focusing on Education, Jason assists businesses, individuals and families with their planning needs.

Jason is on the Board of Directors for 2 local non-profit organizations.

What does coworking mean to me?

Throughout my professional career, I’ve discovered that there is an intrinsic value from being able to collaborate, brainstorm and pull from the experiences and expertise of different people.  Coworking not only facilitates this process but also encourages growth by being around like-minded individuals.  A very smart man once told me “Show me a man’s friends and I’ll show you his future”.  To be successful, in my opinion, you must associate with those who are successful, upbeat, positive and driven.  Coworking is an amazing way to do all of these things at once.