Fun Fact: I am a regular Wizard of the Coast playing Magic the Gathering and DnD on the weekends.
When I’m not playing tabletop games I play video games on the new pc I just built for the first time. I also play on my other consoles.
I’m a Big Fan of Sony and Nintendo and a proud owner of a switch and Ps4. 

If you come to the 4th floor you can see my Mario footstool!

Dan Mentzer

ParadoxLabs – Backend Web Developer


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a Backend Web Developer from Lancaster Pennsylvania. I have a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Web Design from the Art Institute of York – Pennsylvania. I got started in the Web field back in High School while messing with the HTML and CSS for my social profiles on Xanga and Myspace. In my last year of High School, I attended the LCCTC for Web Design. I’ve been working at ParadoxLabs for 6 years.

What drew you to The Candy  Factory?

Our company was eliminating our workspace, and I don’t have space at my apartment for a working environment.
The Candy Factory is a close walk from my apartment, so it was a no-brainer to come here.

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Member Highlight – Kyle  Beltle

Member Highlight – Kyle Beltle

"I love the wide variety of people I meet here that I'd probably never meet if I wasn't working here."Kyle Beltle Kauffman CPA - Outsourced CFO  ________________ At Kauffman CPA we specialize in providing small business owners with the financial information &...

Member Highlight -Jamy Kunjappu

Member Highlight -Jamy Kunjappu

"When I went on my own back in 2013 I decided to join the Candy Factory and it has been a big blessing since day one. It's nice to rub shoulders with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners and employees. It's great to have a community and a place where I...