Attention Lancaster area entrepreneurs, executives, movers & shakers, and anyone else who spends more time on their business than they do on themselves.

We’re excited that Candy Factory Member José Johnson will be giving a presentation on “Mindfulness for Hustlers” on Tuesday, November 12 at noon in our main building.

If you are a hustler, a doer, a grinder, or just a plain old busy person who is looking for a way to decrease their stress and increase their calm, joy, focus and productivity, join us.

José will be sharing the reasons why every high achiever needs to incorporate mindfulness practices into their life and dispel the myths about what an effective mindfulness practice needs to be.

There will be plenty of information to consider, exercises to do, and a lucky few will walk away with free copies of José’s new book “Mindfulness Secrets”

This is a “Lunch and Learn” event, so bring the food for your body and José will supply the nourishment for your mind and soul.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Make sure to RSVP via our Eventbrite.

 ABOUT  José

 José has spent a lifetime developing the skills and habits to achieve change and excellence. Whether it’s in the martial arts arena, the stage, the class room or the board room,  José has dedicated his life to helping others transcend their current beliefs about themselves and reach new levels of health, success and satisfaction.

 A dynamic and entertaining personality, José has shared his message of hope and personal growth in talks, videos, articles, seminars.