Fun Fact: Fun fact about me is that this past September I went to Colombia with a group of strangers and it was one of the best experiences in my life.

Stephanie Gutierrez-Vega

Resilient Journey – Professional Development Specialist/ CEO


Tell us a bit about yourself:

Stephanie is originally from Puerto Rico and has been living in Lancaster since 2014. She started out as a custodian at Park City mall with no knowledge of English, but she has always been very passionate about learning. Working 8 hour shifts and taking English classes at night, she was finally able to learn a new language and connect with more people. After having a baby she decided to take a course in Restorative Justice, with this training she was able to have her first professional job as a Restorative Justice coordinator in a charter school. After working for 4 years in school, and experiencing all the gaps in education she decided to open her own non-profit organization with a friend.

Resilient Journey started in a coffee shop with co-founder Samantha. “We both have the desire to provide opportunities to students that are negatively labeled and to create a new education system that benefits all kinds of students. We want to prove that students, and people, can change if we provide the right support system, and that no matter what happens in the past and the environment that surrounds them, they can be successful. My focus now is to create workshops and training for schools, youth, and workplace communities that have an interest in implementing restorative practices.”

What drew you to The Candy  Factory?

What drew me to The Candy Factory was the need to really focus on my organization, the need to be in a space that I can use as a resource for Resilient Journey, and to connect with people that can help me grow professionally and personally.

Are you new to Coworking?

Yes, this my first time working in this type of environment and I very greatful to my friend Rebeka who recommended me this space.

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