Meet Sean De Wispelaere of Thrive Fit!

“We believe,” Sean says, “that fitness in 2017 deserves to be done in a way that actually helps people, as opposed to just whipping them into shape.” Although Sean understands that being challenged is important, he notes that it’s not the only thing that matters in a well-rounded workout.  Currently, in 50 locations across the world, the Thrive Team partners with gyms and studios to help them implement the MBSC Thrive workout program as well as the business and cultural foundations to propel it into the dreams of the owner.

Thrive’s innovative programs are built on a solid foundation while staying focused on an individual’s goals. Mike Boyle, who is the mastermind behind the program, is one of the leading experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning and Functional Training. Though Sean doesn’t love titles, Sean is the Executive Director of Programming. In other words, it is Sean’s job to make sure that the culture amongst the trainers (or as we call them, the “coaches”) is on-point and their quality of delivery of their program is in a class of one.


In his spare time, Sean loves to blog, work out, speak publicly, drink coffee, taste beer, read, play ping-pong, and explore the outdoors.