Meet Rameshsharma (Ramesh) Ramloll!

Ramesh is a software engineer by training, an entrepreneur by trade, and a creative designer at heart. He has successfully raised funding for various research and development efforts, both as an academic and as the founder, CEO, and CTO of a privately-owned geographically distributed company. His entrepreneurial efforts have cumulatively generated about a dozen full-time jobs and around 50 part-time freelancer positions so far.

Ramesh’s primary interest is to use information technologies to empower people so they can create, learn, and collaborate better. His previous work and inventions span areas including assistive, clinical therapy, educational, and collaborative technology applications.

Ramesh is a husband and a care-giver. You may find him trying not to hurt himself while electric skateboarding in parking lots.

Rameshsharma (Ramesh) Ramloll

CEO/CTO of DeepSemaphore LLC