Meet John Kreider!
John established Gate 37B to connect ideators with their bliss; engaging clients, brands, and marketing opportunities from small to large. Their fluid model allows the company to scale dynamically based on client need, leveraging the right partnerships at the right time.
Gate 37B’s work includes creating Harley-Davidson Road House Customs—a lifestyle food brand taken from concept, to adoption, to distribution into Walmart shelves across North America. They’ve also developed and introduced other protein brands into major market spaces through Costco, Walmart, Kroger and more. They are currently working on an original pizza brand called Fight’n Tomato that is in production and soon to be available in most of the northeast market. Additionally, Gate 37B has helped Playworld Systems, an innovative playground company in north central PA, expand their brand through the strategy of saving play—advocating that children return to the outdoors and interact with each other through stimulating environments.
“We also work with agencies, integrating with their creative teams to boost their impact on national accounts,” says John. “We can be innovators and we can be creative consultants to help agencies attain their goals.”
John is excited to meet like-minded entrepreneurs at the Candy Factory. “To me, co-working is an opportunity to create a dialogue which allows us to share our stories and ideas with one another,” says John, “and hopefully empowering one another to achieve better outcomes and to create potential collaborations.”
Say hello to John next time you see him!