Meet Parke Brown!

Parke has been part of the Candy Factory community since 2015! He really enjoys the caring community in the space, a space to host video conferences and connecting with other professionals.

Parke serves with a nonprofit called The Seed Company as a project manager in their Creative, Communications and Technology group. This means helping teams through everything from software tool migrations for our global staff of 300 to revising a brochure for our internal use. Helping the team accomplish great work while they feel personally valued in their work is my biggest personal win. The main office is in Arlington, Texas so I’m learning to do that on Slack, video calls or the phone.

The goal of Seed Company is to support language communities around the world who want to translate the Bible into languages where it does not exist. Typically, this can also facilitate language development and literacy efforts that partner groups work on.

To learn more about Seed Company visit their website:

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