Inspira is a performance project that incorporates audiences’ feeling and thoughts in an improvisational presentation of West African, jazz influenced spirituals. From the opening notes of “Hush, Somebody’s Calling My Name” to a classic violin mashup of text and voice featuring Lincoln and Dr. King’s speech; from Tiananmen Square protesters’ “We Shall Overcome” in 1989 to the piece’s climax “Ferguson Diaries,” INSPIRA creates breathing space for people to share grief, anger and love. For more information go to: Performers include Frances Wong, saxophone; Michael Jamanis, violin; Matthew Armstead, vocals and Amanda Kemp, poet.

Lancaster New Sounds showcases world-class, classically trained musicians performing music by living composers in casual listening atmospheres. Our concerts present the great diversity of music that composers of our generation are creating. Pay-what-you-can admission and intimate atmospheres create a laid-back space for audiences and performers to interact. Follow their motto, “Listen. Discover. Grow.” they strive to make each concert a unique, thought provoking, and inspiring experience for every person involved, whether a listener or performer.