With the current announcements within the state and around the country of non-essential businesses closing, we feel it is inevitable PA will be calling for two weeks of a shutdown that will impact us in Lancaster.

As of right now, all meetups and public gatherings have been canceled for March, and we are assessing events for April. We are following all recommendations and encourage anyone who can stay home, to stay home. Members, please connect to our communication channels for essential updates.

We know these are scary times for our families, our neighbors, our community, and our country, but we have faith in the goodness we see in people each day. As we all prepare to take the steps needed to slow this virus, it is important to remain calm and help ease fears. Not only is this an uncertain time for all of us, but it’s also an uncertain time for small businesses who are the lifeblood of our community, and for those who do not have the luxury to stay at home.

This is where the community will shine. Let’s all take a pledge today to do something for a neighbor, a small business, or for someone who can’t stay home.

Here are some things you can do over the next several weeks.

  1. Order out for yourself and pay it forward for someone else if you have the means
  2. Buy gift cards not only for yourself but for someone else in need
  3. Have extra food or supplies? Consider donating them to organizations who need them
  4. Babysit for someone in need if you can
  5. Check-in on your elderly neighbors, many are alone. Reaching out could mean a phone call or chat from across the porch. Express to them you are here if needed.
  6. Start a food-chain/gift card chain for our medical providers and essential workers who are on the front lines and will need our support, thank them!
  7. Stand up for our rights. Call your local, state and federal representatives and demand the following
  • Real relief for Everyone including rent, mortgage, utilities, healthcare
  • Help for small businesses, not the joke SBA loan that most businesses do not qualify for.
  • Demand care and support for the most vulnerable in our communities. That means public restrooms, care for our homeless, emergency shelters.

    8. Extend tax filing dates

9. Landlords, consider discounting rent to cover your costs but reduce profit for April. It would do wonders for small businesses.

We are learning how delicate our system is. It is so important to hold our politician’s feet to the fire all the time, especially during a crisis. We know some of you are afraid of what this means for your business or your finances, don’t despair, we are a community that will rally behind you.

The Candy Factory will also be doing the following:

  1. We will be hosting virtual coworking sessions for anyone who wants to join us. See here for details.
  2. We will be hosting a small business zoom session so owners can connect and discuss their concerns, offer advice, and support each other. L.et us plan ahead together. Our first session is on March 16th, at 7 PM. Join here – https://zoom.us/j/948025036
  3. We will be actively thinking of creative ways to assist our community during this time. We will be hosting virtual creative think tank sessions to discuss what ways we can support others and invite you all to join. Stay tuned for those zoom links.
  4. We will be hosting Virtual Sessions from managing Mental Health during a crisis to fun ideas for the kids. Keep an eye on our events page for updates.

So please keep in mind, this too will pass and have peace of mind in knowing you are loved and supported. Lancaster, this is our time to shine. ~ The Candy Factory Coworking Community <3