“So a new favorite thing of ours: our coworking space has supervised childcare! We :heart: Jelly Bellies!! Mira always leaves with a smile on her face and can’t wait to come back to see Miss Arianna. Thank you so much The Candy Factory! We highly recommend this for any members who are considering taking your little in for a visit. The smile on her face says it all.

~ Dana Robertson

The Dreamer, Pennant Creatives

Jelly Bellies is Perfect for the Guardian on the Go



With the dawn of a new decade upon us, what better time than now to dream big? Let Jelly Bellies, the new supervised childcare facility at The Candy Factory, help you achieve all of your goals! Jelly Bellies is perfect for the guardian on the go. We offer a welcoming and whimsical environment for little ones ages 2-12 to engage in their passions.

Drop the kids off for a 2-hour block, grab a cup of coffee, and work while they have fun. Whether it’s whipping up a pretend meal in our play kitchen, or getting creative at the arts and crafts table; there’s something at Jelly Bellies to spark any imagination. Best of all there is no mess for you to clean up at the end! 

Who benefits from Jelly Bellies?

The Freelancer 

Need a little help with maintaining a work-life balance? If you work from home and care for little ones Jelly Bellies is for you! Use our space for a few hours a week and get down to business without having to divide your attention.

The Budding Entrepreneurial Couple

Getting the family business off the ground can be tricky, but we can help! You and your partner will get all of the resources you need to grow your business, including a space to bring your children when both of you need to focus on work!

The Significant Other

With a Candy Factory membership you AND your partner can take advantage of our onsite supervised childcare facility. Come in and work for 2 hours while the kiddos get to play and your better half gets the much-needed break they deserve! Or at least the opportunity to run some errands in peace.

The Grandparent

Have you become the go-to babysitter, but still want a chance to accomplish your own projects?  Let us entertain the grandkids a few hours a week so you can check off your own to-do list. Everybody wins!

Jelly Bellies Offers:

  • A clean, secure space
  • Rotating seasonal crafts and activities 
  • Toys for several different ages and developmental stages
  • Little Library 
  • Changing station
  • Background checked staff with all required clearances  
  • Coming Soon: Private Lactation Room!

Click here to schedule a tour and see our space in person! 


Jelly Bellies is currently open to Candy Factory Members and memberships start at only $50/month. Parents can book a two-hour block as needed, and even on that day if there is availability for only $10. Get a free parking pass with every 2 hour block scheduled!


Jelly Bellies is currently open Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and accepts kids ages 2-12.

All staff members interacting with children have their criminal and child abuse clearances.

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