J. Luis Quinones, a full-time member here at The Candy Factory, has officially become a SquareHolder sponsor. The Candy Factory recently rolled out a sponsorship program where members can purchase various sizes of squares for a sponsorship wall in the space.


Luis decided to become a photographer when he realized he had the eye for detail. “I began taking photos with my cell phone in Summer 2014 and invested in photography equipment my first semester of college that following Fall,” he explains. After joining The Candy Factory at the beginning of 2016, he began to really network with other small businesses. “I walked in the door and I was instantly taken in by a network of consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who weren’t what I was used to seeing on TV,” Luis says of his experience. “They were just working people like everyone else. That experience taught me that as time passed I would need to reinvent and get into new projects that involved more than just taking photos.” Luis learned that he needed to make an impact in his community.


Since then, Luis has been involved in several public art projects which include the Latino Arts Project, Expressions on Canvas, and his most recent project, Caribbean Narratives: Drama and Wine.

J. Luis Quinones
342 North Queen Street, Rear
Lancaster, PA 17603