As a freelancer, working from home presents many difficult challenges. Productivity and organization may suffer and, as a result, professional development and growth is stunted. Recognizing the importance of a home-away-from-home office, Jon Martin, CEO of the newly adopted Invoq Marketing relocated to the Candy Factory in April 2014. Learn more about coworking’s positive impact on the success of his business, as well as his plans for the future.

“Coworking has expedited the growth of my business,” says Jon. “There’s something about working alongside likeminded people that facilitates professional relationships.” Here, Jon partnered with Project Manager & Strategist, Benjamin Bachman, as well as other Candy Factory members including Merle Fisher, Jamy Kunjappu and Doug Kauffman.

“Without the Candy Factory, I probably would not have begun working as closely with Benjamin,” says Jon. “It’s given me the flexibility and freedom to push project management work his way.”

Formerly TheJonMartin, Invoq Marketing leverages expert marketing tools and professional kn0w-how to give businesses a leg-up on their competition. Jon launched Invoq Marketing in January 2015. Thanks to the rapid growth that the company has experienced, Jon plans to relocate operations to a private studio above Prince St. Cafe.

“For new or prospective members, it takes effort for partnerships to happen.  As an introvert, the Candy Factory forces me to work around people and sometimes, that makes all the difference,” said Jon.

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