Garrett Drew Ellis, owner and publisher of LifeWrite Publications & Media, is the newest square holder here at the Candy Factory.

Garrett has been writing memoir for as long as he has been alive. In 2013, he committed his life to this work when he went from freelancing to the creation of LifeWrite as a full time business. A boutique publishing company, LifeWrite provides average individuals the opportunity to write, print and publish their life’s story. Chronicling the lives of everyone from older individuals to blue collar workers, every writer at LifeWrite is a storyteller at heart.

Garrett loves coworking at the Candy Factory and has modeled his business around many of its core values; namely community and creativity. He uses his membership to not only grow and network his business but to connect with and serve people on a grassroots, community focused level. When he is not writing, Garrett is writing. And when he  isn’t doing that, he is thinking of doing the same.

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