Written by: Tyler Naples
The Candy Factory is pleased to feature Austin Ginder during this month’s member profile. Austin sat down with us to discuss his project and its framework within the creative and collaborative coworking environment.
Since 2010, Anchor Hosting offers individualized web development and hosting tailored to meet the needs of various small businesses and startups. Through professional and strategized development, implementation and management, Austin has created an ideal technical support package which operates less like other traditional web hosting platforms and more like a full service provider.
“Development is primarily self-taught,” began Austin. “I attended York Technical School for Technical Consulting, fixing computers and addressing technical issues. I wanted to start my own business and needed to shift my skillset. The web just interested me”.
Austin was first introduced to The Candy Factory in 2012. “Coworking and The Candy Factory gave me a huge opportunity to network with folks locally. Other than word-of-mouth referrals from clients, I didn’t have a network of professionals, developers and creatives”.
“There, I began to shift my focus from sole development to hosting,” continued Austin. “I saw it as a niche”. Noticing the disconnect between typical hosting platforms and small business operation, Austin has bridged the gap. “I wanted hosting to be less like a technology and more like a service”.
“I’ve found WordPress to be a great fit for small businesses. It’s widely used and flexible to work with. By focusing on just WordPress, I can provide a higher level of service to my clients”. Anchor Hosting offers a variety of affordable plans serviced to meet varying levels functionality and creativity. Included with every plan, among many other services, Anchor Hosting supports automatic upgrades to the latest versions of WordPress as well as email and phone support concerning any security or speed issues.
Find Austin online at : WEB  | FACEBOOK  | TWITTER