The Candy Factory is pleased to feature Anne Miller during this month’s members profile. Anne met to discuss the benefits of independent healthcare advocacy and her business’s scope within the coworking environment.

Since 2012, Anne Miller and Patient Advocates Lancaster has provided comprehensive, personalized, sincere and professional health care supervision, support and management. With a Master in Health Administration and 34 years’ experience as a registered nurse, Anne has firsthand experience within the sector.

Patient Advocates Lancaster ensures appropriate and professional treatment for patients and family members.“Private advocates work for you and only you,” said Anne. “The hospital can only offer specialists, clinical trials and treatment within their system. By offering out of network healthcare options, Private Advocates Lancaster guarantees complete, knowledgeable and experienced treatment from a diverse range of professional practices.”

“Consulting an independent healthcare advocate not only ensures better care, it also ensures fewer hospital or facility acquired infections,” continued Anne. By supervising medical treatment and procedures, Private Advocates Lancaster safeguards the patient. “Healthcare workers are always taking shortcuts because they’re so busy,” said Anne. “We’re making sure they’re following the right procedures.”

Backed by years of experience and a professional team, Anne is well equipped to serve the needs of our growing community. Like Anne’s network of healthcare professionals, members of The Candy Factory have been invaluable.

“There’s more than one side to running a business,” admitted Anne. “I am able to ask questions not pertaining to nursing such as marketing or social networking. Everyone shares information.”

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