Alegre Concierge Services is the premier concierge service in Lancaster County offering services to businesses, individual clients and VIPs as well as Hotels, Corporations, Sports Complexes and Universities. We listen and customize our services to your distinctive specifications. We provide a diverse array of event planning services and find the best solutions for our clients’ unique and ordinary challenges – all with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution – with flair!

Susan Eberly, Founder and President of Alegre Concierge Services llc, has over 30 years’ experience in corporate, hospitality and customer service environments. The diverse knowledge from past employment experiences has given Susan the unique qualities to quickly grasp the needs of her clients and deliver the best solution possible while surpassing expectations. Susan, along with members of the Alegre Concierge Team, Amy Anderson and Joann Tenney will handle all the details for any type of event to ensure it is memorable!

What coworking means to her:
“I am in Lancaster a lot of the time and need a space to work when I am between appointments. Coworking provides me with that space/place that is consistent and where I am not embarrassed to meet a prospective client. It provides amenities that are just what I need. It allows me to meet new people. Beginning a new business venture is hard enough so coworking allows me to have a presence in Lancaster while being cost effective at the same time. Coworking can also grow with me as my business grows. Lastly, I love the diversity that Coworking offers.”

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