Benjamin has worked for a couple marketing companies before landing at Vrello. This startup, based out of Pennsylvania and Colorado, was built to bring small to medium business into the mobile app space. Since launching the company Benjamin has found great success in helping business put an iOS and Android app to work for them. These apps bring a social edge to them and allow a business to bring everything that they are under one roof that a customer can hold in their hands. Benjamin is in charge of the daily operations at Vrello and handles all customer interaction with the company.
What Coworking means to him: “I have been apart of Cowork155 in York, PA for about a year now. At first when stepping into the environment I was just looking for it to replace my home office with a more trendy, quite place to work. But I quickly found it to be something more, it because a family of people who when through the good, bad and ugly times of business together. Being able to have the support of others in different industries allowed me to problem solve for our company in a much quicker way.”
Benjamin is also part of The Candy Factory coworking family and we all drool over his bike!
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