Craig Clark has been a thriving member of The Candy Factory community for close to a year. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dastardly LLC, a company that works exclusively in software application and development – awesome!

Craig was introduced to The Candy Factory by an existing member and friend, AJ Hoffer. Since becoming a member last June, Craig has found that he has gotten to meet so many wonderful people and has gotten to discover a ton of great places to get coffee downtown.

Craig has continued to be an active member of our coworking community, always greeting people and participating in events. He has even hosted events about his favorite subject – wine. In addition to being a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, he is also an avid traveler.

His favorite place that he has traveled to is the Czech Republic because that’s where he met his lovely wife, Olga. In the near future, he would like to travel to Mongolia to experience the rich culture and landscape. Something in the not-so-near future is his dream to experience space travel.

Other fun facts about Craig:

  • He likes his eggs over easy and seasoned with black truffle sea salt, fresh thyme, and black pepper.
  • He claims that he does not smell when he sweats (if only we all had that luxury!)
  • Metamucil has changed his life.
  • He was unable to touch his toes until about a month ago.

Big shout out to Craig for being a truly awesome member and enlightening our lives as part of our TCF family!