So far we’ve published 26 fabulous episodes of the DO.ERS podcast. The feedback has been awesome and I want to thank each and every one of you out there who listen to the show, and of course, all of our great guests whose stories it has been a true pleasure to help share. We have so much more to come.

And, we’re currently working behind the scenes on some improvements to the show that will help us continue to showcase the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs from here in Lancaster, and all around Central PA.

In the meantime, did you know that DO.ERS is part of the new DO. Media Network? And, I co-host another podcast on the network called “The Candy Factory 5BY5 Podcast” with my good buddy Diggs. Each week we welcome a very special guest to join us as my iPad, Frank, serves up 5 random topics that we chat about for 5 minutes each. It’s a bunch of fun and if you haven’t checked it out, head over to The Candy Factory website, and click the Podcasts menu at the top of the page.

Your feedback is always welcome by emailing me at and don’t forget to checkout to learn all about The Candy Factory coworking community. If you’re an entrepreneur, remote worker, student, or just need an awesome place to work, you can schedule a tour on the website and come check it out. Always remember, work doesn’t have to suck. See you next time on the DO.ERS podcast.