Tanay Lynn Harris is the founder of Tenacity Consulting, a people centered consulting firm that advances social impact and elevates goals to build and sustain transformative change through equity and justice. Her mission is to help folks think through and delve deeper into becoming more equitable.

Tanay works with a variety of organizations to examine how their existing systems may be causing unwanted harm to the people who are involved in the organization, or those that the organization serves. Her process looks at these ideas on personal, interpersonal, institutional and structural levels.

After graduation from Temple University, where Tanay began to get involved in politics and activism, she accepted a position at the NAACP Legal Defense Educational Fund, a job that took Tanay around the country working in criminal justice and educational justice. This experience gave her the skills to eventually start Tenacity Consulting, her launch in entrepreneurship, which allowed to her juggle motherhood, caring for family, and use her passion and skills to make a living wage.

Tenacity Consulting
WEB: https://www.tenacityconsulting.co (currently not available)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TenacityConsulting
IG: https://www.instagram.com/tenacityconsulting

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