Chris Solt is the Executive Director of The Fair Trade Federation, a community of fair trade enterprises from the U.S. and Canada who are committed to fair practices across their organizations. These member organizations build equitable and sustainable trading partnerships that create opportunities to alleviate poverty with those who face barriers to participate in the global economy as equals.

Membership in the Fair Trade Federation means a commitment to fair trade practices across the entire organization, not just around an individual product. Members need to be able to demonstrate a systematic perspective on meeting the Federation’s principles.

The Federation not only helps to promote the work of its members, but also the general principles of fair trade, building awareness around the idea that our global economy can include concern for the well-being of people and the environment, not just increasing profit. Members of the Fair Trade Federation demonstrate that reality across the board.

Chris began this journey on a much different path, exploring his passion for music and sound production right out of high school. This experience led him to Cleveland where he was later introduced to Ten Thousand Villages, an organization based here in Lancaster County that has connections to the founding of the Fair Trade Federation decades ago. And recently the Federation moved their headquarters to Lancaster at The Candy Factory.


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