Today’s episode is our first in an ongoing series about the pivot, that moment when you decide it’s time to start a business, and ultimately what leads to that final decision. We’ll periodically feature two entrepreneurs to hear about their businesses and what that moment was like when they decided to start it.

This episode features David McNaughton, founding partner with the digital development agency Cloak and Dagger, and Joella Gamon, founder of Gnomesy, a business that brings together plants and tech to help businesses add green space to their work environments.

They’re are both working on their first start-ups, leaving decade spanning careers in the corporate world. For David, it was a classic case of corporate downsizing that pushed him in a new direction. Joella on the other hand had reached a point in her career where she was heading into another cycle of the same kind of work she had been doing for years.

Cloak and Dagger


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