We would like to congratulate two of our members on graduating from college this month—Faith Zimmerman and Luis Quiñones.

Faith Zimmerman
Faith graduated with her degree in Accounting and Finance from Millersville University in December 2016. “I like numbers, and charts, and graphs,” Faith explains. “You need to have your accounting and your numbers figured out for your business to be successful.” Faith enjoys the behind-the-scenes work of making businesses tick, or “the brains of the operation,” as she calls it.
After interning with Doug Kauffman—owner of Kauffman CPA Company—for five months, she landed a full-time job with the company and starts next week. “I won’t have a life from January to April,” she laughs, thinking about tax season. Her three-year plan is to work for Doug, gain new clients, and explore any new projects with Anne Kirby from The Candy Factory.
In her spare time, she enjoys running and spending time with her two-year-old chocolate lab, Max. “Oh, and I love coffee,” the coffee connoisseur says.

Luis Quiñones
Luis graduated with his degree in Business Administration from Harrisburg Area Community College in December 2016. Before deciding to major in business administration, Luis was a nursing major at the Reading Hospital. “No matter what you are doing,” Luis says, “you’re always going to be working for some type of business.” Luis realized he would much rather work behind the scenes where he has more control.
After graduating, Luis sees that gaining experience through both nursing and business school will put him in a better position to eventually hold a management role. For now, Luis landed a job at Kimber Accounting and he will further his education in Accounting at Millersville University.
In his spare time, Luis does portrait photography. He also started a local group called the Lancaster Photography Collective in December of this year.