The Candy Factory’s very own, Emily Truman, won third place at the York Fair Culinary Corner competition, for her pie this past weekend. The fair is host to local amateur bakers and home cooks showing off their creations. When Emily is not editing and writing for Fine Living Lancaster, she is making pies with unique fillings and flavor combinations. 14265061_10153563122071362_2571279390665536406_nHer “plethora of pleasingly perplexing pies” can be seen on her Instagram page, @OddPies. This is the second consecutive year Emily has won third place for her pies.

As one of the toughest fairs in the area to compete in, Emily is proud of her third place win. She expressed her motivation and happiness on social media prior to the competition, “This has been a year of transformation, flourishing, and growth. I felt all of the feelings I had while rolling my dough out last year very early this morning. I at first felt sadness, loneliness, desperation, and darkness. But as I started my lattice top, it all changed. If I don’t place, I have still won. Making pie became the only method of turning my focus inward, and I somehow regained my independence, confidence, and self worth in the last 365 days… All because of pie. Why? I don’t care to question it any longer. All I know is it’s working.”

Congratulations, Emily! We are so proud of you!