Member Responses hang as signage in our lobby – photo by Royal Blue Publicity.

For our 1 Year Anniversary back in August we surveyed our members and asked them why they loved coworking.


Their responses were posted on the wall for the month of August and are now on permeant display in our lobby. Per some of your requests we’ll be sharing those responses over the next few weeks on FB and on our blog – Enjoy!




Bernadette Hill of Talent Tap

Response No. 1 – Bernadette Hill of Talent Tap

What do you love about coworking?
“I love the sense of community and support that you can’t find working alone in your own office. There’s a lot of opportunity to seek advice, counsel and expertise from your coworkers and help each other grow our businesses.

I love the fact that we can share in the responsibility to maintain a beautiful work space and enjoy an affordable place to work. We all can achieve more together than on being solo!”

Favorite Candy?

Peanut butter cups

What do you do in 25 words or less:

I help marketing and IT companies build great cultures by identifying and recruiting the right talent for their teams.