Kelly Suydam

Owner- Sips and Shakers Bartending


TCF Member Highlight – Meet Kelly Suydam: Shaking Up the TCF Community with Sips and Shakers Bartending

We are thrilled to introduce one of our newest members, Kelly Suydam, the entrepreneurial spirit behind Sips and Shakers Bartending. Kelly is not only a vivacious bartender, but she also brings a decade of rich experience from the restaurant industry to our diverse and talented group of members.

A Decade of Mastery with a Twist of Passion

Over the past ten years, Kelly has donned many hats in the restaurant industry. However, it’s her time spent behind the bar, crafting delightful concoctions and engaging with patrons, that made her fall head over heels for bartending. Recognizing her ardor for mixology, Kelly decided it was time to venture out on her own, giving life to her brand – Sips and Shakers Bartending.

When She’s Not Behind The Bar

When the shakers are set down, Kelly spends her time diving into her studies at Millersville University. And come game day? She’s cheering on with her husband, rooting for their favorite football team. Yep, you guessed it – #GOBIRDS!

Why Kelly Chooses TCF

For Kelly, coworking isn’t just about sharing a space; it’s about building relationships and fostering collaboration. The incredible support she’s received from our TCF community resonates deeply with her. When asked about her favorite spot at TCF, Kelly quipped,¬†“While I adore hosting events on the Sixth Floor, I love the Fishbowl for client consultations.”

Did You Know?

Beyond her prowess as a bartender and student, Kelly proudly serves in the PA Army National Guard. Her role is both fascinating and crucial; she’s responsible for handling aircraft fuel and is also a member of the state’s decontamination team. Trained to respond during natural disasters and large-scale events, Kelly’s commitment to service and community is truly commendable.

We’re beyond excited to welcome Kelly to our TCF family. Her passion for her craft, commitment to the community, and multifaceted experiences are bound to enrich our shared journey at The Candy Factory. Here’s to many collaborations, shared stories, and of course, some amazing cocktails! Cheers ūü•ā!

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