Whether you like them plain, glazed, or covered in powdered sugar, Fasnachts have been a sweet staple in Pennsylvania for centuries. Below is a list of local spots you can pick up one, or a dozen of the fried goodies! 


Even if you are in a hurry you can still get your fasnacht fix at Achenbachs! Pre-order and pay to get your fasnachts fast.

Bird-in-Hand Bakery

Bird-in-Hand Bakery will be offering 2 drive-thru tent locations where you can pick up plain, sugared, powdered, or glazed fasnachts.  You can also stop by their stand at Root’s Country Market 

Oregon Dairy

Pick up a dozen, half dozen, or individual fasnachts at their Famous Fausnaught Day Drive-Thru.

Shady Maple

Fret not about your fasnacht, you can get a half dozen delivered fresh to your car! You can also get any quantity from their donut counter. You can also stop by their stand at Lancaster Central Market.

Lafayette Fire Company

Lafayette Fire Company is holding its 2nd Annual Fasnachts for Fassnacht Event to help you celebrate Fasnacht Day and to help us remember one of our greatest community servants, Jan Fassnacht. Preorder 1 dozen or more fasnachts by February 12th.

Beiler’s Doughnuts

Staying true to their Amish roots, Beiler’s Doughnuts whip up fresh fasnachts every year for Shrove Tuesday aka Fasnacht Day!