TCF hosts numerous monthly events giving our community opportunities to expand their Network while having “fun” in the workplace. There are so many ways to learn about what’s happening. From our online calendar , message boards, and Slack Channel, to our weekly rundown brought to you by our Community Facilitator, Brooke, we ensure members are in the know!

Being social brings numerous benefits, such as promoting a sense of belonging and safety. Feeling safe enough to be yourself is essential, especially in the workplace. We strive to create a welcoming environment where our members and guests feel at home. 

At TCF, our events fall into several buckets, including Educational, Connection Driven/Networking, Inspirational, Wellness, and Social / Just Fun. Clubs are fun and informative, and most are run by our members, including our Media Club, Marketing Club, Poetry Lunch Bunch, and Studio Side Jam Sessions. Monthly Lunch and Learn’s inspire and help you reach your goals. Wellness workshops give you the tools to be your best self. Happy Hours, breakfasts, and lunches give our members informal networking opportunities.

Recurring events and water cooler moments help you get connected. 

  1. Each Monday, “Sixth-floor flow” Take the time to get work done by getting into the flow. Deeply focus on your work with no distractions. Unplug by keeping your notifications off and dive right into your projects. 
  2. Every Tuesday, we have Barista Hour, where you can socialize and sip a Latte/Hot Chocolate crafted with love by TCF Teammate Arianna. 
  3. On Fridays, we have Happy Hour, of course! Meet other coworkers after a long work week. Toast to the work accomplished and the weekend ahead while making new connections.

Besides for connecting, and having a good time, another benefit to events, is improved mental health. We sometimes feel like we need to “fit in” or “belong” in social settings and might not be true to our authentic selves. But there is no need for a facade at TCF. Since we’re a welcoming space, our social events can be an excellent opportunity to become more comfortable around new people or in a new city. This comfort allows you to connect with people on a deeper level. According to Mental Health America, over 25% of the population have no trusted person to confide in. Finding a coworking space with resources, programs, and events like what we have at TCF gives you the tools to help you grow into the best version of yourself and it also provides access to a community so you don’t have to go it alone. 


Other Popular Events / Clubs:

  • Lunch and learns
  • Wine Club
  • Whiskey Club 
  • Media Club
  • Open Mic Nights 
  • Jam session Nights
  • Young Professionals Club
  • Open Studio

There are so many ways to stay tapped in through our events. Whether you are new to the area or have lived in Lancaster your entire life, one thing is for sure, you’ll feel right at home with our TCF family! 

So don’t go it alone in 2023, come connect, share, and have fun with us this year.

Schedule a tour today, we’d love to show you around.  

Meet the Author: Francis

Meet the Author: Francis

Front Desk Admin. Asst. / Blogger

Francis was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She absolutely LOVES Christmas and tattoos (don’t be afraid to ask to see her Christmas-inspired tattoo!!) She is a cat mom to her wonderful boy Rossco and a big fan of Christmas movies/ music all year round! She loves to laugh and intentionally care for others!