We’ve all heard the saying it takes a village. This term is believed to have come from an African Proverb, meaning it takes a community of people (the village) working together to provide a safe and healthy environment for children. Not only is this village or support system important for children, but also for the parents of those children. 

 Ask most people, and having a support system is ideal. Still, unfortunately, many moms and dads lack this network—especially moms who were significantly impacted by the pandemic. Per the US Census in “2020, between March and April, some 3.5 million mothers living with school-age children left active work — either shifting into paid or unpaid leave, losing their job, or exiting the labor market all together.”

 Having a village is an essential piece of the life puzzle. Parenting is easier when you have a trusted group of people who understand the challenges it can bring. That network is vital to our mental health, reassuring us that we’re not alone and giving us the courage to start that business, take that new job or get out of the house! 

 Isolation is real! We’ve all become more isolated and feel the harmful effects of this isolation. Studies show that even before the pandemic this was a trend, especially for young people. Many moms, including myself, have suffered from social isolation as we navigate motherhood. We need connection now more than ever, but for many reasons, it’s become difficult for many of us to make these connections naturally. Where do you take the kids? How can you get a break? Where can you meet other parents? What does a support system look like?

Coworking can help answer those questions and might be a good solution. 

How we can help:

 Here at TCF, we have a robust network of parents, a moms club giving our moms an outlet as well as a place to ask questions, get feedback or get a virtual hug if needed. Our supervised childcare facility, Jelly Bellies, gives parents a much-needed break while our co-op allows them to work while the kiddos play. Family gatherings enable our parents to connect and get the little ones out of the house to enjoy some fun. We’ve hosted parent breakfasts, tie-dye days, easter egg hunts, fall fest, and more!

 As a hard-working momma, I know what it is like to feel a bit stuck. TCF helps us get unstuck by providing a community to help us break free from our ruts. Whether you are a remote worker and are tired of your at-home office and need to see other humans besides the little ones, or you have your own business and need to find connections to grow, or just need community. We got you! 

 Not only do the members who work here benefit from our parent resources, but their partners can as well! Especially if they are staying home with the kids. They can also use Jelly Bellies to get a break. While you work at TCF, they can go to that appointment, take a nap or sit and relax while your little one plays. It’s a win-win for the entire family!

 Providing resources to our families has been part of the mission since day one. Our founder, Anne, was a single mom, and when it was feasible, she added Jelly Bellies to the coworking community in 2019. Over the years, the TCF Team has worked hard to create a safe space saving families isolation. 

 I love being part of a community that cares about family. TCF is the perfect space for us to come and feel like ourselves while giving us a great workplace, a strong network, helpful resources, and, most importantly, a village where wonderful memories are made. 

ABOUT Jelly Bellies

  1. Members or their significant others can work out of Jelly Bellies whenever we don’t have supervise care—giving them and the little ones a much-needed break. Convenient workstations allow you to get work done while your kiddos play.
  2. Supervised care is provided a few days a week. Two-hour blocks can be booked with our amazing Facilitator of fun, Arianna, for only $10. 

 ~ Brooke, TCF Community Facilitator and active mom of 3 little ones!


Sound wonderful? Become part of our village. Schedule a tour, I’d love to show you around. <3 

Meet the Author: Brooke

Meet the Author: Brooke

Community Facilitator / Blogger

Brooke is a proud mama to three little ones. When she’s not keeping us up to date on all the events happening in our coworking community with her weekly rundown, she’s probably grabbing pho from Sprout. She is a big believer in the power of positivity and loves to have fun and live life to the fullest.