Our coworking community at The Candy Factory is top-notch, and you don’t have to “need” an office to benefit from all the resources. You see, we’re more than a place to work. In fact, we have members who have their own brick-and-mortar offices but join us for networking, social events, workshops, and other benefits.

Honestly, who said you couldn’t do both? There are no “office” rules. If you have an office, you can still join a coworking community in your area, and I suggest you do. You can also be a member of more than one coworking space! We have many members who are members of different spaces for different reasons. I know, what a concept! Each space has its own vibe and community. Why not benefit from more than one.

Trust me, I’ve been doing this coworking thing for a long time, and it will be the best $100 bucks you could spend on yourself or your business. So go hunt down a community-focused, locally-owned coworking community (not WeWork) in your area and join them! You grow your network and support another small business in the process. It’s a win, win!

So in the New Year, I challenge you to give coworking a try, grow your network and knowledge. Have employees? Add it to your benefits package for your remote workers. It’s a great perk.

As for The Candy Factory, it’s been hard to express how unique it is. It’s so magical that you have to experience it. So if you’d like to stop by to chat about the benefits of coworking, let’s connect. I’d love to discuss what we’ve been growing over the past 12 years and show you around. The quick video below gives you an idea of all the great things Coworking in Lancaster has to offer, but it’s just a taste.

Happy New Year, and happy coworking!

~ Anne Kirby / Founder